Can You Wear Golf Shoes Casually? Yes, But Read This First

Golf shoes have come a long way in the style department. Gone are the days of the big, clunky metal spikes that couldn’t even be worn inside. In today’s world, lots of golf shoes are just as stylish as regular tennis shoes. However, knowing which golf shoes can pass as regular shoes can take time and effort. […]

Proper Golf Stance: 5 Simple Steps to a Perfect Stance (& Better Golf)

As a golf fan, you no doubt watch the top players on the PGA Tour and admire their amazing swings. Let’s be honest, even fellow PGA Tour professionals admire players like Dustin Johnson and Rory Mcilroy’s ability to drive the golf ball. These guys are simply amazing! Well I have some encouraging news for you! […]

10 Golf Swing Tips That Work

In this article we’ll cover 10 golf swing tips that will help you become a better golfer. As a golf coach this is the best advice I can give you for hitting straighter shots next time you play, but also developing yourself into a great golfer over time. If you would like more detailed swing […]