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Lay 2 clubs down in the sand (Picture A) with one club aiming left of your target and one to the right.

Your feet & body should be lined up with the club aiming left and your club face should aim to the right (Picture B), which means that your club face is always in an open position. From this set up, simply swing along the line of your feet.

As you can see from my address, the club head starts from the position where I will enter the sand and the ball is in line with my left heel, with my weight slightly on my left side. The biggest mistake that bad bunker players make is that they don’t transfer their weight. They hit off their back leg.

Notice in Picture C how I have totally transferred my weight onto my left side. This movement forward is the same in any shot you hit.

I have also demonstrated (in Pictures D, E & F) hitting bunker shots with my right hand only. This is the best drill that you will ever do. Simply feel as if you are throwing a ball under arm.

My set up and swing is the same with two hands. It is just that too many golfers grip far to tightly with their left hand and then pull down. Only with your right side will you create speed and it is this speed with an open face which results in getting the club head to slide through the sand.

Again, notice in both Pictures C & F how I have finished balanced on my left side.

Now trust yourself!