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Friday, July 21, 2023

 Club News


The Presidents Trophy


 Club President Gerald FitzGerald (centre)  presenting  Anton Leal (left)  & Rory O’Donnell (Right)
with the 2023 Presidents Trophy last Saturday 15th July.  Congratulations Rory & Anton


The Ladies Presidents Cup will be played on Sunday, 29th July.


Hole-in-One – Congrats Sue Kupisiewicz


Well Done Sue!


Sue Kupisiewicz was just thrilled to experience her first Hole-in-One on the 8th Hole on Saturday, 15th July. She said it was so exciting to watch it roll in.

Clive Miller (our recent 2023 Southbroom Men’s Classic Winner) also enjoyed his 4th Hole-in-One whilst playing the 11th hole at the Wild Coast on Wednesday, 5th July,  the off day during the Classic Week. What a great week he had!

This weekend kicks off with the the ever popular Nashua Business Day. Thanks to Raefe Dyer and his great team! For all your printing needs and more! Call in to Nashua South Coast 3 Eagle Road Southbroom 083 845 8803.




And on Saturday the Ladies are playing the Captain vs Vice-Captain Better Ball Stableford.

Captain Jo’s Team will please wear any combo of Red and Vice Sharon will please dress in shades of Blue.



 Course News


4th Green


Thanks to Anton Leal for this glorious pic overlooking the 4th green – taken on Tuesday 18th July.

We have had a busy week with quite a few SA golfing groups on their various tours. Great to see and many of the guys commenting that they are playing Southbroom for their first time.


1st Tee 


The tees are being lightly top-dressed and fertilized at the moment it will take a few days. This week started with a few days of the most glorious warm balmy weather and has ended with a really chilly snap. The Aloes are still looking good all around the village!



We wish you well Michelle!


Farewell Michelle All The Best!


Michelle Cronje will be working her last few days at the Club  and her last day is Sunday 23rd  July  as she has accepted a position on the MSC Splendida Cruise ship. We wish her all the very best for an exciting time ahead, she will board  the ship in Italy on 6th August. Michelle has been working at Southbroom Golf Club for 5 years now & we will miss her smile, helpfulness & her legendary brownies.

Enjoy the adventure Michelle & we hope you get to see lots of Europe!


Yester Year 2004


I have just looked through my files and found our very first newsletter sent out on 11 June 2004, it made for some interesting reading! Recognising old names and seeing our current regulars names! We were still in the ‘old’ pro shop back then, which was much smaller & had minimal natural light in it, but very good memories.



 Village News


Tickets available in the Pro Shop – Cash only please or EFT CONSERVANCY  The R220 includes dinner








  Sheryl will help you find your dream home



Well maintained and spacious, this family home is within easy walking distance to the golf course. Open plan reception rooms comprise lounge, dining room, bar, under cover patio and glass enclosed sunroom leading to the pool area. The fitted, solid wood kitchen is generously proportioned with electric oven, gas hob and separate scullery. Sliding doors open onto a large, sheltered courtyard.


Read more




 Weekly results


Friday, 14 July


Chicken Run


Saturday, 15 July


Presidents Trophy BetterBall Stableford


1st – 41 pts Rory O’Donnell & Anton Leal c/o
2nd –
41pts Zane Swanepoel & Andrew Barangay c/o
3rd –
41 pts Andre Ollewagen & Ronald Francis c/o
4th –
41 pts M Coetzee & M Farnas

2 Clubs: Rory O’Donnell, Bob Clark, Derek Oelefse, Pierre van de Walle, Zane Swanepoel, Greg Bedzer


Ladies BetterBall Stableford


1st – 43 pts Sue Kupisiewicz & Sharon Turnbull Jackson
2nd –
42 pts Shelley Myers& Janet Lehmann

HOLE-IN-ONE 8th Hole: Sue Kupisiewicz

2 Clubs: Sue Kupisiewicz & Shelley Myers


Wednesday, 19 July – Cold and WIndy


Alliance 2 scores to Count


1st – 77pts Alex Crawford, Ken Crawford & Chris Ledden
2nd –
76 pts Roger Hissey, Bruce Begley, Roy Deakins & Malcolm Moorley

2 Clubs: Malcolm Moorley & Alex Crawford


  Fitting you for distance
  Set lofty distance goals



Feel like you’ve maxed out your driving distance potential? Your driver’s loft could be an adjustment that adds more distance than you ever thought possible.


Hang in there


To achieve your full distance potential, your driver’s loft needs to complement your swing speed.


Slower swing speeds mean slower ball speeds and shorter carry distance, so you may need a driver with more loft to increase launch angle and carry.
You’re less reliant on higher loft if you have a swing speed that generates a faster ball speed and penetrating flight.


But we’ll need to look at more than your swing speed to determine the right loft for you. There’s also your angle of attack, impact location and head position at impact to consider. We’ll do all this and more during a driver fitting.
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    Go above and beyond


By matching your loft to your swing, you’re going to find it a lot easier to achieve your true distance potential off the tee.


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  Tricky lies
  Escape with your first try


Playing from bunkers and heavy rough is tough enough as it is. But winter adds water and mush to the mix, and without a gameplan it can be tough to escape.



Your main priority in both cases is to get out and into safety in one shot. In both cases you need to have the correct technique, because the room for error is so much less.

Need some assistance? We’re here to help.


    See winter as an opportunity


Taking on the unique challenges of winter golf offers and opportunity for achievement and fun. Escaping difficult lies while every one else toils just adds to the enjoyment.


Master winter golf







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