10 Golf Cart Accident Statistics That Are Hard to Believe

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Most folks falsely assume golf cart accidents don’t happen very often. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in the United States.

Golf carts may go slower than regular automobiles, but more than a few accidents occur yearly. Remember, dangerous wrecks can happen even at slower speeds.

As with operating any vehicle, safety must always be your first priority. Here are 10 golf cart accident statistics that’ll blow your mind. Let this list be a warning to always be alert and attentive while driving a golf cart.

1. 15,000 People Each Year Are Hurt in Golf Cart Accidents

You may be shocked to learn that 15,000 people are injured yearly in golf cart-related accidents. That’s an insanely high number when you think about it! That comes out to the startling figures of 1,250 per month and over 288 per week!

Sadly, most of these accidents could be avoided if folks simply practiced safer golf cart driving practices. As you might expect, golf cart accidents are even more common around retirement communities, where people use them for transportation both on and off the golf course.

2. Most Golf Cart Accidents Involve Children and Teenagers

Here’s another sad statistic for you. Almost half of the golf cart accidents that happen each year involve teenagers or small children. Studies have shown that more than 6,500 kids or teens are injured each year in golf cart accidents.

Most people wrongly assume that golf carts are safe for kids and teens to drive, but that’s not the case. Remember, most states in America require that a person be at least 14 years old to drive a golf cart. If your teen is begging to drive your cart, make sure you accompany them and teach them how to do so in a safe manner.

3. 10% of Golf Cart Accidents Are Rollovers

Though golf carts have more weight toward the bottom, they are still prone to rolling over. When a golf cart flips, it’s usually because the driver tried to make a turn too quickly at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately, some teenagers like to drive haphazardly, increasing the risk of rolling a golf cart.

Since rollovers make up a large portion of golf cart accidents, operators should always use extra caution when making turns. This is especially true in rainy weather!

4. Over 11% of Golf Cart Accident Injuries Involve The Head

While many golf cart accidents result in minor bumps and bruises, over 11% wind up causing head or neck injuries. That number should be an eye-opener to folks who like to drive in a crazy manner on or off the golf course. What seems like a minor accident can have dire, lifelong consequences.

Remember, golf carts don’t have seatbelts! This means serious injuries or even deaths can happen, even at a low speed. While most golf carts will only go around 15 miles per hour, some have been customized to go upwards of 25 miles per hour. Consider installing some seatbelts in your golf cart to lower the chances of injury.

5. Golf Cart Batteries Are a Huge Fire Hazard

In warm-weather states like Florida, lots of people park their golf carts in a garage while charging them. While that may seem like a harmless practice, the statistics say otherwise. On numerous occasions, entire homes have been lost because of a fire started by golf cart batteries.

Why does this happen? Most golf cart batteries put off hydrogen into the air. This gas has no color or smell, but it’s highly flammable.

The takeaway is that golf cart owners should never charge their batteries in an enclosed space. If you do charge your golf cart in a garage, make sure the door is open and a timer is set for you to unplug the cord. Also, inspect the battery regularly for any damage or small leaks.

6. From 2007 to 2017, 156,040 People Visited The ER Due to Golf Cart Accidents

Think that golf cart accidents don’t occur very frequently? Think again! A National Electronic Injury Surveillance System study showed that emergency rooms treated 156,040 people injured in a golf cart between 2007 and 2017.

Sadly, the injury statistics remained steady for that entire decade. This just proves that folks need more golf cart safety awareness training.

7. Kids are 3x More Likely to Suffer Traumatic Brain Injuries

Here’s another sad stat that’s hard to digest. When golf cart accidents occur, kids are much more likely to suffer brain injuries than adults or even seniors. An average of 1.6 kids out of 100,000 experience brain trauma. That number is 0.5 for adults and 1.1 for seniors.

Again, this stat drives home how crucial it is to operate a golf cart in a safe manner. If your kids are riding in the cart with you, go slower and stay even more alert to your surroundings.


8. Some Golf Cart Wrecks are Caused by Carrying Too Much Weight

Ignorance is never an excuse when operating any type of vehicle, including golf carts. Many folks don’t realize that golf carts can only hold between 450 and 800 pounds. Exceeding the weight limitations makes it too easy for the golf cart to flip over during sharp turns.

If you’re carrying a passenger, always check the weight limit to ensure you’ll be under it. Most golf carts have a weight capacity listed somewhere on the vehicle.

If you don’t see one listed, ask someone at the pro shop of your golf course. Also, don’t forget to factor the weight of you and your playing partner’s golf clubs into the overall calculation.

9. Experienced Golfers are Involved in 40% of Golf Cart Wrecks

This may be the most alarming statistic of all. You would think that most golf cart accidents are caused by rookie golfers or those who are newer to the game. However, 4 out of 10 golf cart wrecks involve golfers with several years of playing experience.

This shows us that the risk of operating a golf cart applies to everyone, not just inexperienced players. Always drive carefully, no matter how long you’ve been teeing it up on the golf course.

10. The Average Age of a Person Injured in an Accident is 38 Years Old

Here’s another statistic that’s kind of eye-opening. Most people probably assume that most golf cart accidents involve careless teenagers. Surprisingly, several studies have shown that the average age of those injured in a golf cart is 38!

As we discussed above, all golfers, regardless of age or experience level, must always practice safe driving. Put your phone in your golf bag and keep your eyes focused straight ahead at all times.